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Education with a high school diploma: That's how it works

Education with a secondary school diploma? For many young people this sounds completely utopian, more and more companies attach importance to apprenticeships on secondary school qualifications or even a high school diploma. However, a look at the apprenticeship market and the selection criteria shows that education with a secondary school diploma is feasible ...

Hauptschulabschluss: And now?
High school graduates often wonder what opportunities they have. On the one hand, many companies prefer to hire apprentices with a secondary school diploma or even a high school diploma. On the other side that is not mandatory .

In many occupations, there is no rule about which educational qualification the trainee has must have. Means: A secondary education is theoretically no problem for most professions.

There are exceptions though:

Social jobs
Professions in public service and
some administrative professions
often have very specific access requirements . Therefore, sometimes the Hauptschulabschluss is not enough to do the training. But that is not necessarily so. Which requirements are specifically required, you can usually refer to the job advertisements .

Opportunities due to the shortage of skilled workers
Companies have complained for a few years that they no longer find enough apprentices to fill vacant positions. This is good news for school leavers who are looking for an apprenticeship with a high school diploma.

Especially skilled trades suffer from the shortage of junior staff and therefore like to hire trainees with a secondary school diploma to train them. It does not have to be an end after the training: Who shows commitment and motivation, can still put one on it: The master. This not only increases the responsibility, but also the earning potential. For example, people who have completed their secondary school education can later earn really well.

Applicants with a secondary school leaving certificate are also hired in other industries to complete an apprenticeship. This includes:

Food trade
construction industry
Incidentally, this largely coincides with the sectors in which, according to the Federal Institute for Vocational Training (The Development of the Training Market in 2018) in 2018, the vacancy rates were the largest . These are the following (in descending order):

Industry and trade
Public service
Freelance professions

Education with a secondary school diploma: Already 2 years are enough
If you are happy to be able to leave school after completing secondary school, you might not like the thought of pushing the (vocational) school yet further. For this case, there is an alternative: The two-year education with a secondary school degree.

For example, as a retail salesperson , the training can be terminated after two years. In this training profession, more emphasis is placed on the practice than on the theory. Specifically, this means that the trainees spend more time in the training company and less time in the vocational school.

But that does not mean that the theory has to be neglected. Of course, the most important foundations for the profession are already conveyed in the shortened time. On the other hand, there is also the option that the apprentices extend the training by a year if they have good grades - whether they have previously acquired the Hauptschulabschluss or Realschulabschluss does not matter.

In the federal states

Graduates also have the option of upgrading their secondary school leaving certificate and obtaining a high school diploma. This can increase the chances of finding the desired training place. Thus, for example, absolutes can visit the business school. With a good grade point average, students with a qualified high school diploma can even transfer to secondary school and take the secondary school diploma. This also makes the training place search a little easier.

How to find a secondary education with an apprenticeship
The individual application preparation begins with the selection of your desired training. Of course, your interests and strengths play an important role here. If you want to maximize your chances with a high school diploma, you should consider the availability of free apprenticeships.

Unfortunately, there are also industries in which you have a bad grades with a high school diploma. These usually include training ...

at banks.
In the IT sector.
in commercial professions.
Companies in these sectors prefer to have high school graduates or applicants with excellent secondary school qualifications. Craft enterprises and companies in the service sector, on the other hand, offer good opportunities to applicants with a secondary school diploma. They place more emphasis on practical skills and personal competences than on formal qualifications.

Comprehensive information about the company and its specific training naturally forms the basis of your research. Once you have completed this and gathered all the relevant facts, it is about making your strengths clear in your application .

Jobbörse Online: Find a training place here
You can also look for a free apprenticeship here . Of course, for free. In our job market you will find more than 300,000 job offers, including numerous apprenticeships. So if you want to get an education with your secondary school diploma: Simply enter the desired place or postal code as well as the occupation (or the keyword "education") - you will already get a list of vacancies to which you can apply:

Find a vocational education with a Hauptschulabschluss in our Jobbörse
Now make the career jump and find dream jobs!
Job, Firma

Ort, PLZ
 Find jobs
These vacancies are currently being watched by other readers:

Training as a businessman * for office management 24.04.
CBRE GmbH Berlin
Training as IT specialist for application development (m / w / d) 24.04.
ADP Employer Services GmbH Bremen
Master (w / m / d) training 24.04.
Networks BW GmbH Wiesloch, Esslingen, Gentlemen ...
Training media designer * in digital and print 24.04.
Scheerer Advertising GmbH eat
Training businessman for marketing communication (m / w / d) 24.04.
RKG Rheinische Motor Car Company mbH & Co KG Bonn
View all jobs

The salary of a secondary education
Every year, the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BiBB) publishes a list of earning opportunities in the various training occupations . Naturally, there are many training courses that you can complete with a secondary school diploma. As you will see, you can earn a handsome salary even with this degree.

job Training salary West Training Salary East
mason 1175 euros 975 euros
mechatronics 1091 euros 1070 euros
industrial mechanic 1086 euros 1044 euros
Industrial clerk 1051 euros 981 euros
Businessman insurance and finance 1035 euros 1035 euros
Administrators Employee 1003 euros 1003 euros
Media technologist pressure 981 euros 981 euros
Businessman in retail 891 euros 906 euros
Medical Assistant 852 euros 852 euros
Cleaners 837 euros 775 euros
gardener 836 euros 707 euros
cook 811 euros 740 euros
Metallbauer 800 euros 592 euros
Motorcar mechanic 796 euros 699 euros
Businessman for office management 794 euros 745 euros
painter 718 euros 718 euros
baker 678 euros 678 euros
Florist 622 euros 587 euros
hair stylist 606 euros 387 euros
chimney sweeper 518 euros 518 euros
All professions and salaries are for male and female apprentices and refer to the duration of the entire training.

Education with a high school diploma: tips for applying
In formal terms, your application for a secondary education qualification does not differ from other applications. The curriculum vitae contains the usual data, the cover letter reflects your motivation and abilities . This is your chance.

If you can make it clear in the cover letter that your personal qualities and your strengths are suitable for training, you can compensate for the apparent disadvantage of the Hauptschulabschluss. Good academic performance increases your chances.

To illustrate your strengths, you can pursue several approaches. You can…

using examples , possibly internships, to make it clear that you have the job.
clearly describe why you are attracted to the training and why you want to complete it .
openly and honestly explaining why the company is the education provider of choice .
A principle is important in the formulation of the letter: Clear and authentic words are more important than polished formulations! Surely you should formulate your letter formally fit. However, you do not have to become a speech artist or word acrobat to convince HR staff of your motivation .

Choose your own words and examples , you can often score better than with a text that has written another for you and probably even more often circulated on the net. If you then still apply in appropriate industries and really want to tackle the training, can also succeed with a secondary school.

We wish you much success!


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