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The Samsung Galaxy S10e Review

At the point when it's an ideal opportunity to begin constructing their new, premium cell phones, organizations like Samsung are generally determined by a straightforward mantra: "increasingly." More power, more highlights, more cameras. Also, it's to the point where — inevitably — everything begins to appear needless excess. Of course, these top of the line gadgets are slobber commendable, however truly, who needs that much cell phone? Perhaps you do, since you're perusing a survey on Engadget. Thus do I, as you may anticipate from an expert telephone highbrow snot.

The thing to recollect is that, comprehensively, we're the anomalies here. A great many people need an amazing, fit telephone that doesn't cost $1,000 and won't feel out of date in a year. That is the place Samsung's littler, $750 Galaxy S10e comes in. On the off chance that telephones like the S10+ speak to the organization at the pinnacle of its equipment and programming amusement, the S10e mirrors an understanding that these new improvements truly sparkle when more individuals get the opportunity to utilize them. The final product: A cell phone that, while not as garish as its kin, packs almost the majority of the cutting edge accommodations that make those pricier gadgets such a joy to utilize.


Moderate by S10 guidelines

Fantastic execution

Extraordinary trio of cameras

Much-improved programming

Extraordinary for one-gave use


Disappointing battery life

Faulty unique finger impression sensor arrangement

What is the purpose of Bixby?


The Galaxy S10 and S10+ set a high bar during the current year's exceptional Android telephones and, with the S10e, Samsung is endeavoring to ensure more individuals profit by its work. That is a new area for the organization, and it satisfied. The Galaxy S10e conveys the basics of the S10 experience - phenomenal execution, extraordinary cameras and improved programming - in a bundle that feels increasingly sensible, both physically and monetarily. All things considered, it's not actually impeccable. A littler telephone implies a littler battery, and a few people will think that its lacking. Furthermore, the spot of its unique finger impression sensor can be more irritating than one may anticipate. In spite of that, however, the Galaxy S10e packs enough execution and clean to satisfy practically any top of the line cell phone customer who wouldn't like to burn through $1,000.

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Furthermore, when I state "almost all," I would not joke about this. The S10e comes clad in indistinguishable vivid completions from the standard S10 (in addition to a couple of additional items in specific markets), and shakes the equivalent marginally squarish structure. There's a USB-C port and an exemplary earphone jack on the telephone's base, in addition to a SIM plate on top that likewise takes microSD cards as expansive as 512GB. Regardless, the physical Bixby catch still lives on the telephone's left side so you can converse with Samsung's marginally improved menial helper. Indeed, even the remote PowerShare framework found in the S10 and S10+ is here, you can remotely charge the telephone accuse different gadgets remotely of the telephone. In all actuality, you won't charge your companion's telephone or smartwatch appallingly rapidly, however the way that Samsung even tried to convey it over to the S10e remains a charming astonishment.

Above all, however, the S10e utilizes precisely the same Snapdragon 855 chipset you'll discover in each other premium cell phone this year. I'll delve into execution somewhat later, yet get the job done to say that even with the 6GB of RAM found in the base model S10e, regardless you're getting full leader control at a noteworthy markdown. Gracious, and on the off chance that it wasn't clear, you're getting it in a littler bundle, as well.

With uncommon exemption, cell phone creators once in a while produce little, top of the line gadgets. (Sony is the main organization that promptly springs to mind, yet c'mon: No one truly purchases their telephones.) Because of that, the S10e can't resist the urge to feel a bit of invigorating. It slides all through pockets with negligible complain, and notwithstanding the expectation to learn and adapt that accompanies utilizing a littler screen following quite a while of utilizing phablets, I've truly delighted in living with the S10e. That is somewhat because of how decent the fit and completion of this less expensive telephone is, but on the other hand this is a result of how its plan varies marginally from the S10 and S10+. It's just plain obvious, those telephones have sides that end in marginally level edges, and at whatever point I use them, it feels like the edges are all I'm ever truly clutching. The metal edge on the S10e has somewhat more extensive sides, be that as it may, which makes this littler telephone recognizably simpler to grasp than both of the greater models.

Display: Samsung Galaxy S10e audit | 19 Photos


Generally speaking, the S10e is too worked as the S10 and S10+, however despite everything I have a couple of bandy. I'm totally supportive of telephones that won't strain your hands or your wrists, however the S10e is so light it feels somewhat deficient on occasion. In all actuality, the enormous S10+ is startlingly light, as well, yet I needed to toss a case on the S10e before I at any point truly felt happy with utilizing it. Cases will likewise help with the telephone's intrinsic dangerous; I can't reveal to you the occasions I put the caseless S10e down on a nearly totally level surface and viewed with sickening apprehension as it skittered to the floor.

And after that there's the unique mark sensor. To help minimize expenses, Samsung stayed away from the ultrasonic, in-show sensor found in the S10 and S10+ for an increasingly customary sensor wedged high on the S10e's correct side. Taking into account how finicky that ultrasonic sensor has been for certain individuals, this scarcely appears to be a trade off. Or possibly, it wouldn't feel like a trade off if the sensor weren't so clumsily situated.

When you can get your finger on there perfectly, you can open your telephone promptly. As far as I can tell at any rate, getting your finger to the correct spot can be a tad bit of a cerebral pain; it some of the time requires somewhat of a stretch, particularly for individuals with little hands. What's more, that is expecting you're utilizing your correct hand. I've never had the capacity to open the telephone with my left forefinger on the main attempt, so I'm a little worried about how well lefties would take to this thing. This isn't a dealbreaker to such an extent as one of those low-level disturbances you'll need to figure out how to live with. You could generally set up face acknowledgment for quicker opening, yet since Samsung dumped its iris scanners for the Galaxy S10 arrangement, that is effectively a standout amongst the least secure approaches to get into the S10e.

In some vital ways, the S10e doesn't stray a long way from the standard S10's elite recipe. That was the general purpose. By and large, Samsung has said it concentrated on two key zones for each rendition of the S10 family: The screens and the cameras. It's presumably nothing unexpected that these regions are the place the S10e stands separated most recognizably, and the organization's choices for both have had a sensational effect on what it resembles to utilize this telephone.

First up, that screen. I'll be candid: the 5.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED show here is discernibly littler than the S10's, and following quite a while of defaulting to huge telephones, becoming accustomed to a board like this has taken me additional time than I'd want to concede. You can expect a similar kind of expectation to absorb information in case you're utilized to bigger screens, yet you'll feel comfortable here in case you're updating from a minor gadget as of now, or in the event that you simply lean toward the possibility of a moderately small telephone.

Obviously, however, the showcase here is ravishing. The S10e sports one of Samsung's first HDR10+ affirmed screens, and it appears — the hues here simply sing, and I never experienced difficulty perusing on the showcase under brutal daylight because of its improved splendor. Simply know that its most extreme goals is Full HD+ (2,280 x 1,080), a long ways from the 3,040 x 1,440 goals the S10 and S10+ maximize at. That is another key trade off that Samsung made to help keep the S10e moderately shoddy, yet fortunately, it's a simple one to live with.

I've been utilizing the S10e and the S10+ broadly over the previous week, and truly, the distinction in general quality isn't entirely discernible. It's surely there: The S10+'s showcase is more pixel-thick and is, hence, better at appearing fine detail in pictures. As far as splendor and hues, however, the S10e gets quite close, and there have been a couple of circumstances where I've really favored what colors looked like on the S10e. (In the event that you were interested, both telephone shows were running in the "Clear" shading mode, so they ought to have looked basically indistinguishable.)

The S10e's opening punch (sorry, "Endlessness O") show will most likely take somewhat more becoming accustomed to. Among CES and Mobile World Congress, I've tried a lot of opening punch cell phone screens, and in case you're worried about them, don't be. Seeing a gap slice out of a screen to let a 10-megapixel camera look through is certainly somewhat weird at first, and for some time in any event, you may experience considerable difficulties not taking a gander at it while you're watching a full-screen video or playing a diversion. That motivation will blur. The pattern is off in a corner where your eyes never truly wait for long at any rate, and as a result of the opening's situation, I think that its a lot simpler to endure than enormous indents that eat into the highest point of a showcase. You could conceivably concur. What's more, if not, well, considering the manner in which the business is moving, you're simply must become accustomed to them.

And afterward there are the cameras, Samsung's second enormous region of center this year. We've seen cell phone creators pack a ridiculous number of cameras into their telephones in the course of recent months, yet the Galaxy S10e feels like confirmation that we needn't bother with that numerous sensors to catch extraordinary shots. There are just three here: a 10-megapixel front camera, in addition to raise confronting 12-megapixel wide and 16-megapixel ultra-wide cameras. The main thing that the S10e needs contrasted with the S10 and S10+ is a third, fax camera around back, and in all honesty, you shouldn't stress over that to an extreme.

That is on the grounds that the cameras on the S10 are incredible — also significantly superior to anything what we saw a year ago. The S10e's picture quality appears to be insignificantly superior to what the Galaxy Note 9 was able to do, and even the pickiest among you will discover a lot of detail in those 12-megapixel shots. What's more, obviously, Samsung's picture preparing implies the articles and scenes you find in the S10e's photographs frequently looks somewhat superior to the real world. We could get into a major, philosophical contention about whether a camera ought to enhance what it sees versus essentially catching whatever's before it, yet we should spare that for some other time.

Exhibition: Samsung Galaxy S10e camera tests | 22 Photos


All things considered, the S10e produces photographs that are similarly as distinctive and holding as those taken with a S10 and S10+. In the same class as the S10e's primary camera is, however, despite everything I don't believe it's sufficient to unseat the Pixel 3 as the lord of cell phone cameras. Samsung's sensor may be increasingly current, however Google's order of computational photography is unmatched, and still figures out how to dominate the Galaxy S10e in low-light and evening time shooting.

All things considered, the optional camera here helps surrender Samsung a leg on the challenge. The ultra-wide camera catches a 123-degree field of view intended to imitate what you can witness firsthand, and it gives photographs a feeling of room they would've generally needed. Shots taken with this 16-megapixel camera are fresh and fulfilling, yet similar issues with barrel contortion we kept running into with the S10+ apply here. In case you're standing excessively near your subject, you'll most likely notice a reality-twisting fisheye impact around the edges. As you may expect, the impact intensifies when you're near your subject.

Fortunately, flipping between the wide and ultra-wide modes is a breeze, so you'll never truly experience difficulty shooting with the wrong camera. Also, if the fisheye is particularly vexatious, you can flip a setting that endeavors to address that bending after you've snapped the picture. It works genuinely well more often than not, however the least demanding fix may be to simply back up somewhat first.

As far as unadulterated adaptability, however, I'd readily take the ultra-wide camera over a fax — you can walk straight up to your subject on the off chance that you need a tight shot, yet the feeling of extension the ultra-wide gives photographs can be difficult to reproduce something else. That approach likewise continues to the forward looking camera, as well. It takes flawlessly decent selfies (particularly once the forceful magnificence mode is killed) and you can flip the camera to take marginally increasingly extensive shots. The impact isn't as sensational since there's solitary one camera in advance and the majority of the wide-edge enchantment occurs in programming, however it's superior to nothing.

These cameras pack a couple of different traps, as well, similar to an every so often convenient Shot Suggestion mode that fundamentally just discloses to you where to point. It's every so often supportive in discovering viewpoints I wouldn't have thought of myself, yet there's a reason it's off as a matter of course; I wound up overlooking it a fraction of the time since it requested that I go for something I would not like to. You can likewise shoot video at 4K HDR10+ if that is your thing, also fresh "Excessively Steady" video. I don't know any of these are represent the moment of truth highlights for the Galaxy S10e, however the way that they're all here demonstrates that Samsung wasn't eager to water down the camera experience just to spare some cash.

I'm not going to harp on it for a really long time, yet the S10e's execution hasn't been watered down either. As referenced, the S10e has a similar mind as the pricier S10 and S10+, and I would say, you'll possibly ever see a distinction between these telephones when you get a ton of applications running one next to the other and hop between them like a crazy person. And, after its all said and done, the distinction in speed is for all intents and purposes insignificant. Regardless of whether you're gaming hard or simply attempting to get past your work day, there is all that could possibly be needed drive here for you. I will say, however, that when truly pushing the S10e, it appeared to get warm quicker than the S10+, yet this didn't result in any detectable execution debasement.

We delved into Samsung's refreshed programming in our Galaxy S10+ audit, yet I believe it merits calling attention to again that utilizing it feels like a disclosure, particularly in case you're originating from a more seasoned Samsung gadget. The upgraded One UI isn't simply smoother and cleaner than what we used to get in Samsung's TouchWiz days — it's additionally increasingly astute. Menus, particularly in the gadget's settings, have been upgraded to drive choices down toward where your thumb normally rests. There's a framework wide dim topic here, for example, which has been surprisingly useful when I've been up late cruising discussion strings. I've constantly detested the Android 9.0 Pie's default motion route (particularly on the Pixel 3s) so the capacity to utilize conventional route catches again has been a gift from heaven.

Indeed, even Bixby has gotten somewhat more bearable this time around — it's still extremely useful for exceptionally granular voice directions like "set screen splendor to 50 percent", yet progressively vital is the capacity to run "schedules" made of explicit gadget activities relying upon what time it is or where you are. Specifically, I've become enamored with speedy directions, which essentially act like macros you can flip voluntarily; I assembled one named "Sleep time" that flip the telephone's blue light channel and naturally propelled the Kindle application for a touch of pre-rest perusing. At last, however, the best thing about Bixby this year is that you can remap its catch to accomplish something different completely.

Everything considered, really utilizing the S10e as my day by day driver has been consistently extraordinary. My solitary genuine worry here is the battery: There's a 3,100mAh cell concealed inside, and even with Samsung's utilization of AI to deal with the telephone's execution, I've commonly just had the capacity to utilize the S10e for somewhere in the range of 12 and 14 hours on a charge. In decency, I will in general push my telephones really hard, and on weekdays I barely ever put them down. Over calm ends of the week when I figured out how to disregard the S10e all the more effectively, it would effortlessly last starting with one morning then onto the next with a tad of juice left. That is not terrible, fundamentally, yet it fails to measure up to the battery life we escaped the S10+ — it is highly unlikely it proved unable, considering the distinction in battery estimate. In case you're the sort of individual who stays stuck to your telephone, the S10e may miss the mark.

Things being what they are, with all that stated, should the Galaxy S10e be your next telephone? Indeed, if all you care about is getting a superior telephone with incredible cameras that won't strain your pocket or your wallet, the appropriate response is a conclusive "yes." The S10e is the best "little" Android telephone we've tried in an actually prolonged stretch of time, and the mix of intensity and clean here methods you can securely spend too much and not stress over overhauling for some time.

Honestly, the S10e still misses the mark regarding flawlessness: The battery life here is gently concerning, and the telephone's modest ish charms may before long falter a bit gratitude to hardened challenge (howdy, OnePlus). From every other angle that issues, however, the S10e never abandoned me feeling like I was working with a lesser cell phone.


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