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Learn language: 13 effective tips to learn a new language

Learning a language: Anyone who is able to converse in the respective national language in London, Paris, Shanghai, Rome, Rio de Janeiro and Berlin is a true language talent . For many who try to get through school English while traveling, this seems impossible. In most cases, just before the start of the trip, one or the other sentence is rehearsed quickly, which may make the order in the restaurant succeed, but a real conversation in another language is still far away. Many people secretly desire to learn another language, But often it remains the desire, because only very few are active. Here, skilled workers with foreign language skills in a global labor market are more in demand than ever. We show you 13 effective tips on how to learn a new language ...

Learn language for the career
Many job advertisements require language skills today . Whether French, Spanish, Russian or, increasingly, Chinese - every company is looking for new employees who have at least one other foreign lang…

Reputation: the importance of a good reputation

Anything goes - the variety of possibilities today makes some forget what a good reputation means. On the one hand, people are no longer under the strict observation of their fellow human beings, at least in large cities. That was different in the past and especially in the village. The neighbors are and remain little hidden, everyone knows everyone and it is talked. On the other hand, the use of the internet and social channels helps to achieve very different reach. This applies to you as an individual as well as for companies. What you reveal here can contribute to your reputation both positively and negatively. What to look for ...

Good Reputation Definition: Depends on the opinion of others
Good reputation definition synonymWhen we talk about someone having a reputation, it means that there is a prevailing opinion about that person. Whether someone has a good or a bad reputation is primarily dependent on the opinion of others .

Everyone rates other people based on specific experience. In some cases, this assessment comes about without any personal experience and without review . The person has a reputation ahead, rumors are in circulation. That does not necessarily mean negative rumors.

For example, a physician may have a reputation for being particularly sensitive to his patients. Just as well, a business can have a bad reputation due to a high turnover rate .

If it is a bad reputation, someone or something is discredited . Conversely, a good reputation means that someone or something has a high reputation and appreciation . Synonym to call is spoken by:


Reputation is a product of social control
Every society has its norms and values, which are reflected in laws. Some of them are not legally prosecuted in the event of non-compliance, yet are punished socially. This happens when the one who disregards the rules clearly feels the disapproval of others and in the worst case is expelled from the community.

This is easily comprehensible to the present day on the basis of sexual morality. Even in supposedly liberal and enlightened societies such as the West, a woman's reputation is often linked to her sexuality. The short version: Women are rated differently than men.

This is recognizable by phenomena such as cyberbullying and sexting. Landing pictures of naked men or boys on the Internet, this provides amusement, maybe a short excitement. For women and girls, this leads to a scandal, because they are expected sexual restraint. The reputation is ruined , from then on they are often stigmatized.

Good reputation Rumored reputation reputation
Whether it works as easily as in the above bon mot, may be doubted at least for some cases. On the other hand, he also expresses that the reputation of one person is linked to the expectations of others .

On the one hand, there are women who take their own lives in the course of incipient hostilities. On the other side are celebrities like Paris Hilton, who use reputation-threatening scandals as a marketing tool .

If the expectations are particularly high, they can almost only be disappointed. That alone would not require a good or bad reputation. Sometimes it is about values ​​such as justice and the observance of rules .

If one person overrides these rules, then others must be allowed as well. Exceptions are granted only to a limited extent to institutions or persons in positions of power , such as the police and / or very influential or powerful persons.

Quotes and Sayings: Good or Bad Call?
Most people think mainly about what other people think about them. Sean Connery
An image and a human are two different things. It's damn hard to live up to an image. Elvis Presley
You do not acquire a reputation with things that you will do first. Henry Ford
The truth about a person is halfway between his call and his obituary. Robert Lembke
One has too good or too bad a reputation; you just do not have the reputation you deserve. Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
Many women are only concerned about their reputation; but the others will be happy. Josephine Baker
If you have enough money, the good reputation comes naturally. Erich Kaestner
I've always found the so-called bad people win when you get to know them better and lose the good ones. Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
A life that is as good as it pleases lasts only a short time; but a good name will last forever. Bible, Old Testament
Some are born as important people, some gain importance - and some employ PR consultants. Daniel Boorstin
Helpfulness increases the reputation
The University of Missouri anthropologists, Shane J. Macfarlan, Robert Quinlan, and Mark Remiker, found in their study that it is above all a property that influences the reputation : helpfulness .

In their field research on the Caribbean island of Dominica they observed the interaction of 400 locals in the cultivation and distillation of West Indies laurel. The work is very elaborate, so that every farmer depends on the help of others . At the same time no farmer asks for help from himself. Rather, there is an unwritten rule that says that it will help those who helped themselves.

The team led by Shane J. Macfarlan found that one person's reputation did not depend on the helpful intervention, but on how many people were ultimately helped. It made a difference for the positive rating, if a person was once helped five or five people.

This popularity was reflected in the support these farmers received from their peers. It also showed that younger colleagues were more popular than the older ones. The reason for this is very likely that the younger farmers can better cope with the strenuous work.

Reputation in professional life is vital
Social ostracism due to a supposedly inappropriate way of life occurs in the background more and more in the background. While at the beginning of the last century , motherhood was still considered a blemish without being married , it has become the norm since reunification at least, since 1990 the proportion of non-marital births has doubled.

Regardless, the reputation in work life is central. Universities with a good reputation are more likely to receive higher financial resources . For a company that loses its reputation, customers will be left behind forever. That starts already on a small scale.

You also have an interest in having a good reputation:

Within a company
If you do not work directly with decision-makers, you need to draw attention elsewhere. For example, when it comes to getting a salary increase. Often, companies work with other colleagues, be it in a team or just in the same department. Again, a good reputation is important, otherwise you run the risk of being marginalized within the company. In addition, you will be much more likely to help you if there is a lot of work - see example above.

Outside a company
You also benefit from a good reputation in the industry when you are looking for a new job. Some industries are quite manageable, especially in times of shortage of skilled workers is like scored to the competition. This is about a reputation that you have deliberately built or acquired through networks over time. This can greatly ease your application efforts by learning about vitamin B from jobs in the covert labor market .

Tips for a good reputation
Since you are dealing with other people in your working life, it is a matter of social skills to respond appropriately. This is not always easy, because your own norms and values ​​are far from sharing. However, you want to avoid as selfish colleagues pig to be perceived.

The following tips:

Be friendly
You may even feel introverted. An outsider, on the other hand, considers you to be arrogant - and this only because you can barely keep eye contact because of sheer shyness and prefer to pass wordlessly to colleagues you only know by sight. Be friendly, even if you do not know any names. On the one hand, you can change that at the next meeting or company party and ask questions; on the other hand, a friendly smile and a greeting will not harm anyone.

Be reflected
Some negative reputations arise from lack of reflection. Give unsolicited tips. That makes you look good as a know-it-all , but you may have had only the best in mind. But instead of explaining their work to other colleagues, you might ask next time if feedback is welcome.

Be helpful
The saying "together we are strong" actually shows what teamwork is all about. Mutually one brings oneself forward. Who offers his help, increases its popularity and thus the chances of a good reputation. Crucial is not necessarily that the help must always be accepted - the gesture often counts. Of course you also have to keep an eye on your own resources. It would be useless to be helpful, but at the same time drown in work. It depends on a healthy mediocrity.


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