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The 8 most popular dog breeds found in shelters, some of these may surprise you!

According to ASPCA, nearly 3.3 million dogs come to American shelters. UU. Each year, about 670,000 more people are sacrificed because they can not find homes for them.
Unfortunately, many Americans are not considered rescue dogs when looking for a new member in a hair family. This may be because people start their search for a new dog by looking for breeds to learn about their personality and characteristics, and then fall in love with a particular breed. Then they can assume that they will not find the right dog in a shelter or kennel, as most dogs are mixed breeds.

However, this is not true (as you will see below) and each dog has a unique personality, so it is necessary to find the racial traits he is looking for in a mongrel dog. A good shelter will teach your dog well. So if you talk to the staff about what you are looking for, you should be able to offer some suitable puppies.

It should be noted that mixed breeds are less susceptible to genetic health problems and therefore much cheaper to insure!

However, if you still rely on a particular breed, you'll be surprised how easy it is to find some of the most popular US breeds that have been abandoned in shelters! Remember that dogs do not end up because they have problems and will be a problem. Most of these poor animals were without guilt, just waiting to be besieged by a loving family.

Types of pit bull

You will not be surprised if you read that Pit Bulls, including Bull Bull Terriers, American Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers, are the most popular breeds in American lodging. UU. But do not be fooled if you think that's because dogs are the hardest to treat, away from there! The high proportion of ox pits in animal shelters only reflects its popularity as a burden in general.

Take a look at our guide to Paul's dynasties, where we broke some legends that earned these smiling puppies a bad name.

Labrador Retrievers

If you need more evidence that the rescuers are not all problematic breeds, what about the fact that Labrador, the favorite dog of the United States, is the second most popular dynasty in shelters? Again, this reflects the popularity of the breed and does not mean that Labrador is given up for adoption more than any other breed. The labs are beautiful dogs, sincere and of a nice nature.

For more information on these lovable dogs, see our Labrador Breeding Guide.


These fun-sized puppies are very popular because of their portable size and their ability to adapt to life in the home and in the city. However, some homeowners choose this breed of low maintenance as a compromise, because we really do not have time for the dog and these people can receive a warning when they are faced with the responsibility of owning a dog! This may explain why many Chihuahuas end up in shelters waiting to be transferred.


Boxers are known for their fun and fun. Attracts the boxer constantly, bringing joy and laughter to every home, and a wonderful addition to families that always travel. Unfortunately, boxers may have too much power for some people, so they are optimized. Racing fans say that boxers stay like puppies all their lives. So there's no excuse for not finding local rescue centers and adopting the adult boxer instead of buying a new puppy!

For more information on boxers, take a look at our Boxer Breed Guide

German shepherd dog

The German Shepherd is one of the most loyal and trained dog breeds, many of whom serve as service dogs of the army and police. A German Shepherd requires a lot of physical and physical activity. These dogs are always unhappy to live in shelters where they are confined to a small space. If you want to add a German pastor to your family, be sure to first check your local dog lbs to rescue one of those majestic animals from the stress of living in kennels.

Further information can be found in our German shepherd breed guide!


Beagle is a French name that literally means "big mouth", so you can see some of these intelligent puppies fallen in shelters due to noise pollution from neighbors. For many, the beagle voice is just another thing you can love. Why criticize a dog just because he likes to sing? Personality and humor This race is more than your love to tell you when the animal is in front of the window ... always!

Dachshund Dachshund

Often people are surprised that the beautiful dog sausage in the world is one of the most popular breeds in the kennels of the United States. Again, the popularity of the race is reflected rather than a problem with them. However, German dogs are prone to spinal problems due to their long appearance, which can be incredibly expensive if owners do not have pet insurance. Unfortunately, some have to put their infected dogs in shelters because they can not afford medical expenses.

Take a look at the German kennel guide to learn more about this adorable dog.

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is a working dog, the happiest of the farm, that cares for cattle or sheep, this breed lives a working life. When families move away from the pastures and the Cattle Dog has to adapt to suburban life, these dogs sometimes become unhappy. If you are looking for a working dog, especially on the farm or on the farm, it is worth finding shelter for an adult livestock dog that has already learned the ropes!

You may be familiar with some of the breeding characteristics and characteristics of breed leaders, but having a dog from the rescue center means that you can better judge the personality of a particular dog by people you already know. This will help you choose the one that suits your family and lifestyle.

The other main reason for the return of the dog is the devastating effect of unexpected vet bills when the dog is not insured. Fortunately, some adaptations will provide financial support for medical expenses during the dog's life after adoption, but it is still better to insure your new dog immediately to avoid sudden pressure on the bills.

By comparing and buying your pet insurance with the Pet Insurance Review, you can help two animal rights activists without killing them, and thus support more pets that need a home. We donate 5% of our income to the charities we select: North Shore Animal League America and the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies.


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