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Backpacking Camp Chairs

Prepared to kick back and unwind, yet don't know where to sit? We looked into 50 of the most well known models available and deliberately chose 9 of our top choices to test hands-on, next to each other. In case you're similar to us, nature is as much about taking in the view as having wild experiences, so we invested weeks leaning back, resting, and dousing up the sun to present to you the most exhaustive seat survey. We conveyed these seats to the shoreline, into the mountains, and around town to discover which situate has the ideal harmony among weight and solace. We hauled them all around California, from the drift to the High Sierra, to check whether they could withstand the rough situations we cherish. We inspected these seats from each point, taking in their intricate details, and additionally their extraordinary qualities, to present to you the most nitty gritty survey accessible.

In the nick of time for the mind blowing summer, we've refreshed this survey to ensure regardless we have the best the market brings to the table. We've included the Alite Mayfly, an awesome lightweight alternative that is sturdier than a considerable lot of its rivals. Its destruction is in its tallness, which we observed to be somewhat awkward. We remain by the honor champs we picked last season, which incorporates the Editors' Choice Crazy Creek Hex 2.0 PowerLounger, vital for its flexibility and weight. Next up we have the ALPS Mountaineering Weekender, a wonderful spending plan amicable choice, and the TravelChair Joey, a heavier alternative incredible for the front-nation.

Best Overall Backpacking Chair

Insane Creek Hex 2.0 PowerLounger

Editors' Choice Award


(21% off)

at Amazon

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Weight: 22 ounces | Material: Foam and nylon




Thin padding

The Crazy Creek Hex 2.0 PowerLounger is hands-down the best hiking seat that we tried. Its adaptable outline that fills in as a seat, lounger, and resting cushion, makes it an incredible accomplice for experience in the backwoods. The PowerLounger's lightweight development overlap and stores effectively for proficient transportation, while its delicate material and high back are certain to keep you agreeable at the recreation center, bluff, or stream.

We valued the seat's sturdy fortifications and feel certain that this will be in our exploring tremble for quite a long time to come. In case you're hoping to make your companions envious toward the finish of a difficult day on the trails, the PowerLounger is for you.

Read survey: Crazy Creek Hex 2.0 PowerLounger

Best Bang for the Buck

ALPS Mountaineering Weekender Seat

Best Buy Award


(35% off)

at Backcountry

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See all costs (2 found)

Weight: 28 ounces | Material: Foam and nylon



Pocket and ties


While not the lightest seat in our audit, the ALPS Mountaineering Weekender Seat is an incredible spending purchase for ordinary undertakings and short stretches in the boondocks. This model is furnished with an exceptionally agreeable seat and durable outline and is ideal for picnics, belaying, and shows. We adored its back pocket and stadium situate lashes, which made it a standout amongst the most flexible items in our audit.

At just $25, the Weekender was the slightest costly item we tried, and its great solace score made it an easy decision for our Best Buy Award. You can wager we'll be taking this alongside us almost anyplace we go.

Read survey: ALPS Mountaineering Weekender Seat

Top Pick for Car Camping

TravelChair Joey

Top Pick Award


(58% off)

at Backcountry

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See all costs (2 found)

Weight: 38 ounces | Material: Ripstop nylon with aluminum outline

Stable on uneven surfaces

Agreeable and breathable



While we understand this is an exploring survey, regardless we needed to perceive this amazing item. The TravelChair Joey has wide, tough feet, making it more steady than a large portion of its rivals. On an assortment of landscape, from sand to uneven grass, the Joey kept us feeling loose and secure. It has an exceptionally agreeable seat with awesome ventilation and is a magnificent decision for summer days at the recreation center.

It is the minimum costly tent style exploring seat in our audit, however it is a little on the overwhelming side. While we may pick the REI Flexlite for short backwoods missions rather, the Joey is a superb decision for auto outdoors and any action that doesn't require much strolling.

Read survey: TravelChair Joey

Striking Mention for Sidecountry Missions

REI Co-operation Flexlite Chair

REI Flexlite


at REI

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Weight: 29 ounces | Material: Ripstop nylon with aluminum outline




We had initially imagined that the REI Flexlite would win our Top Pick for Car Camping Award. It is extremely agreeable and stunningly light, scoring an incredible harmony between two of the most critical measurements in this audit. We at long last suspected that it was excessively of a specialty item to bring home a honor however. In the event that diving deep into the boondocks, the ALPS Weekender was essentially lighter. In the event that remaining nearby to camp, the TravelChair Joey was more agreeable. However, we can't deny that the Flexlite finds an exceptional harmony between each of the four measurements in this survey, regardless of not exceeding expectations in any one class.

Our analyzers trust that this seat could make for an amazing boondocks buy if ounces aren't vital, as its 29-ounce weight is similar to any of the taco style seats we tried. On the off chance that sidecountry or short boondocks trips are your thing, or you can't envision conveying the 38-ounce Joey with you even to the shoreline, the Flexlite's awesome mix of each of the four of our testing measurements may make it the ideal seat for you.

Read audit: REI Flexlite

Best for Lightweight Versatility

Alite Designs Mayfly


at REI

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See all costs (3 found)

Weight: 28 ounces | Material: Polyester with aluminum outline




Excessively near the ground

The Alite Mayfly has outstanding amongst other mixes of solace and weight that we've found in this audit. A tent-style seat with somewhat of an alternate outline, we were additionally inspired with this present seat's adaptability. This seat has considerably more ground contact than a portion of its rivals, making it substantially more steady and significantly less prone to sink into delicate surfaces.

The seat itself is agreeable and very much ventilated, with an extraordinary leaning back edge. This seat without a doubt would have been a honor victor on the off chance that it wasn't so near the ground. We discovered it somewhat hard to get in and out of, however in general, we thought it was an incredible decision for hiking, the shoreline, or the grill.

Read survey: Alite Mayfly

Examination and Test Results

With such a large number of exploring seats available, how would you pick the correct one? In this article, we've distinguished the four most vital characteristics to search for in a hiking seat. For every class, our analyzers granted the items numerical appraisals from 1-10. In the wake of doling out a weighted rate to every metric, we could give each of the nine items a last score out of 100, however we understand that your necessities might be somewhat not the same as what we've anticipated. We portray every one of the four scoring measurements in detail underneath to enable you to choose what you're searching for in your ideal exploring seat.

Subsequent to inquiring about the main fifty items available, we could recognize two particular classes of seats. The first of these we've named "taco-style seats." These items are modest, light, and generally agreeable. They are built out of a collapsing bit of material upheld with inner bars and movable side ties. These seats are held upright by the oppositional power of the client's legs and back. We have included four seats of this outline in our audit, and they go in cost from $25 to $76. Seats of this style are ideal for outside shows, exploring, picnics, and cragging.

Taco seats from left to right: Crazy Creek PowerLounger Kelty Camp Chair ALPS Mountaineering Weekender Crazy Creek Original Chair Tent seats from left to right: Helinox Chair Zero REI FlexLite Helinox Swivel TravelChair Joey

The second kind of item we found was the "tent-style" demonstrate. These items have two sections: shafts and seat. The posts append at a focal area, much like a tent. The texture situate has holsters on four corners to sit over the shafts. The client sits suspended in the material in the middle of the posts. These seats are considerably more costly, and the five we picked at this survey extend in cost from $75 to $150. These seats are ideal for auto outdoors, shoreline relaxing, and cragging; they are frequently not permitted at open air shows since they sit too far-removed the ground. (Be that as it may, this could be an extraordinary offering point for the Alite Mayfly which is tent-style however sits near the ground.)


We've incorporated a diagram underneath which features the majority of the items in our armada. In our diagram, you'll discover generally speaking execution scores, which depend on the measurements we've utilized amid testing. You'll see that our Best Buy grant victor, the ALPS Mountaineering Weekender Seat is a unimaginable deal and scores in the best five by and large.


The greater part of the items we test here at OutdoorGearLab are execution driven. They're lightweight, smooth, and intended to help you in your most gutsy interests. Be that as it may, this audit is unique. Seats are made for extravagance, and they'd fill no need without solace. So as to legitimize dragging an absolutely lavish thing around with you, it must make voyaging impressively more agreeable. For this metric, we assessed the bunch of ways seats can be more and less agreeable than others. We utilized these attributes to rate every item against the others. Since there were two distinct styles of items in this audit, we contrast each seat with its immediate rivals and in addition to each seat we tried.

The plain first thing we took a gander at when passing judgment on solace was materials. How did the texture feel on our skin? Is it safe to say that it was breathable and ventilated? Did the material add to or take away from our satisfaction? Not one of the taco style seats we tried had any breathability and most were made out of comparable materials. Two tent style seats emerged for phenomenal ventilation: the REI Flexlite and the TravelChair Joey. We wound up utilizing these items on sweltering summer days, and the breathable work vents were constantly valued. The Helinox Chair Zero likewise emerged, yet less positively. Its elusive texture made it hard to sit in, and we regularly ended up sliding out. Then again,

We inspected the seat of each seat, however what we were searching for differed relying upon which style show we were trying. For taco style seats, we analyzed the measure of padding on the seat itself, taking note of the thick, cushy base of the ALPS Mountaineering Weekender and the thin yet smooth seat of the Crazy Creek Hex 2.0 PowerLounger. For tent style seats, we thought about the profundity of each seat, as a few, similar to the Helinox Swivel tipped us forward more than others. We favored a more profound seat that let us lean back and unwind, similar to the one found on the REI Flexlite.

The most agreeable seat we tried was the TravelChair Joey seen here at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

The most agreeable seat we tried was the TravelChair Joey, seen here at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Our analyzers took a couple of solid estimations for this class, as well. We analyzed the back tallness of every one of our taco style seats, taking note of that the most agreeable was the 20-inch back of the PowerLounger. We considered tie statures also and saw that a high seat, similar to that of the Kelty Camp Chair is futile if its side ties are too high for our arms. For tent style seats, we gauged how far each seat raised us off the ground. All in all, we felt that the higher seats were simpler to get in and out of. We likewise thought about how far back the seat leaned back and the width of the seat. The Joey, for example, is substantially less demanding to access than the Alite Mayfly, which is excessively near the ground.

At long last, for tent style seats, we looked to dependability. We investigated the legs and feet of each seat and assembled information on its execution on an assortment of surfaces, from sand to rocks to concrete. It's hard to loosen up when you're stressed over tipping over, so we remunerated items that kept us feeling secure on a wide scope of territory. The most stable tent-style seat we tried was the Mayfly. Rather than four separate legs, this seat has two long bars. With a higher surface territory of contact with the ground, we felt considerably less prone to tip over in this seat.

Since solace was an immense piece of this audit, we dispensed it as 35% of the general score of each seat.

Pressing Size

Not at all like our outdoors seat survey, this audit was planned particularly for versatile seats that could conceivably be conveyed into the boondocks. We broke down weight and packability for this metric, realizing that a seat would need to be quite minimized to make into your officially overwhelming pack on your next stumble into the backwoods. We considered both the relative weight of each seat contrasted with its immediate style rivals and additionally how it stacked up against each item we tried.

Here at OutdoorGearLab, we're in the matter of mentioning objective facts, not surmises, so we put each seat on a scale and recorded what we found. Next, we utilized our in-field results to figure out which seats were too overwhelming for long haul backwoods missions and which were suited for through climbs and past. The lightest contender in this survey by a longshot is the Chair Zero. Tipping the scales at just 17 ounces, this tent style seat was lighter than any taco style contender we tried. For the ounce-considering hikers as a real part of us, this is an item to watch. We likewise noticed how amazingly light the Alite Mayfly was. This seat is unquestionably heavier than the Chair Zero yet in addition substantially more agreeable. For those hoping to shave ounces without yielding solace, we'd prescribe experimenting with these two seats and seeing which fit suits you best.

The Chair Zero is staggeringly little and light.

The Chair Zero is unimaginably little and light.

Also, we assembled data about how each seat stuffed up. We moved them, stuffed them in our rucksacks, and conveyed them by hand to figure out which, assuming any, were the most smaller and effortlessly transportable. The PowerLounger emerged here; with a pressure tie only for this reason, it is exceptionally helpful to move up and stuff in your rucksack. In spite of being lighter, we by and large observed the taco-style seats to be harder to pack than the tent-style seats which separate effectively and store pleasantly into stuff sacks. Pressing size represented 25% of the aggregate score of every item.


Here at OutdoorGearLab, we realize that you see your apparatus buys as interests in your future. We anticipate that our buys will bring us long periods of undertakings, particularly in case we're spending boatloads of money. What's more, with seats costing up to $150, we're searching for high caliber. For this metric, we looked to the littler subtle elements of each seat to make sense of its powerless focuses and assess how the maker has preemptively attempted to upgrade the item's life span.

For taco style seats, the weakest point is the place the inner help poles rub against the texture. Whenever collapsed, these poles jab at the wrinkle of the seat, so additional fortification is required. Insane Creek completed a phenomenal activity with the Hex 2.0 PowerLounger and the Original Chair by including solid, cowhide like patches to this region. Next up was the ALPS Mountaineering Weekender, our Best Buy Award victor, whose thicker texture helped its score in this classification. In last place was the Kelty Camp Chair which incorporated no support to this zone and had critical fraying after only a couple of employments.

Solid fortifications on the Original Chair

Solid fortifications on the Original Chair

We looked to an alternate component of the tent style seats for intimations as to its potential life span. Every one of these seats has a texture situate that sits over four posts. There are funnel shaped holsters in each corner, and we observed a portion of these to be sturdier than others. The holsters of the Helinox Swivel, Alite Mayfly, and TravelChair Joey were our top picks: they were solid, thick, and upgraded our certainty that they wouldn't tear under our body weight. The Joey, be that as it may, has plastic connectors that acquainted uncertainty similarly as with the seat's sturdiness. Next up was the REI Flexlite, whose holsters were not exactly as solid but rather included a convenient snatch circle for simple dismantling. Lastly, the Helinox Chair Zero's holsters had a lot of opportunity to get better. This metric represented 20% of the general score of each seat.


We know what you're considering: how does a seat turned out to be more flexible? While you may search for a seat to fit one specific movement, we granted additional focuses to seats that could be taken anyplace: into the mountains, to the shoreline, to the recreation center, and so on! Might you be able to play music in it? Cook? Read? You may know precisely what you're searching for, yet we attempted to make sense of the most ideal approaches to utilize and misuse these items.

Our analyzers needed to know, above all else, if any of these seats could go about as an option that is other than a seat. We were inspired with the adaptability of the PowerLounger which can undoubtedly serve as a dozing cushion. This element helped win it our renowned Editors' Choice Award. We by and large preferred taco style seats that had simple to open clasps as an afterthought for this very reason; the Kelty was the special case that didn't. A portion of these seats had some incredible additional highlights, similar to the pocket and ties of the Weekender that make it an awesome excursion and stadium situate.

Relaxing in style with the PowerLounger

Relaxing in style with the PowerLounger

For tent style seats, we looked to the feet to enable us to choose where we could utilize it. Our Top Pick Award-winning Joey has wide feet that make it an awesome reason for sand, grass, and other uneven surfaces. The Mayfly's expanded surface contact was incredible for dependability and never sunk into milder surfaces. The feet of the Flexlite, by examination, frequently sunk into sand and earth, while the Chair Zero's feet were unstable even on asphalt. We dispensed 20% of the last score of each seat to flexibility.


While we here at OGL jump at the chance to get out and get after it, we additionally see ourselves as specialists at kicking back and taking in the view. We invested a long time on end with each of the nine of these seats. We took them wherever we went, from stop jumping in San Francisco to exploring in the High Sierra. We doused up the sun at the stream and stuck out at open air shows. We truly became acquainted with every item in this survey, from its little points of interest to its bigger impressions. We thought about them all one next to the other, accepting point by point notes as we came. We're extremely satisfied with the survey we've composed and trust it to be the most complete hiking seat audit accessible. By assessing solace, size, strength, and flexibility, we feel sure that we have the data you have to settle on an educated choice. Regardless of whether you're searching for the lightest choice available or the most agreeable spot to stop your goods, we have you secured. 


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