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Neymar finds his spark just in time for Brazil

Brazil required two damage time objectives to vanquish a stubborn Costa Rica on Friday as Philippe Coutinho and Neymar scored to put the five-time World Cup victors back on track for the last 16.

The Brazilians appeared to set out toward a second disappointing attract a line before Barcelona forward Coutinho jabbed the ball through Costa Rica goalkeeper Keylor Navas' legs in the 91st moment in St Petersburg.

Neymar, who had a punishment grant precluded by ref Bjorn Kuipers after he counseled the Video Assistant Referee, volleyed in the second objective seven minutes into damage time. It was the most recent strike in World Cup history.

The world's most costly player drooped to his knees in tears toward the end and later posted a message on Twitter and Instagram hitting back at feedback of his enthusiastic response.

"Not every person realizes what I experienced to arrive. Indeed, even parrots can talk, however strolling the walk... not every person does it. I shouted out of satisfaction, surviving, coarseness and want to win," Neymar said.

It was just Neymar's fourth aggressive match since breaking a bone playing for Paris Saint-Germain in February.


A distinct difference to Brazil's help, Argentina and the failing to meet expectations Lionel Messi were in confusion following their shambolic 3-0 thrashing to Croatia on Thursday.

The Argentina administration was compelled to deny stories that the players needed mentor Jorge Sampaoli sacked before their last gathering amusement against Nigeria – they said the cases were "totally false".

Adding to the asperity, a few Spanish media outlets covered a sound chronicle of previous Argentina global Diego Simeone in which he lambasts the "political agitation" in the group and says he would pick Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo over Messi, on the off chance that he had the decision.

"Messi is great, however obviously he is great since he is encompassed by uncommon players (at Barcelona)," said Simeone, who presently oversees Atletico Madrid.

"The inquiry I ask is 'whether you need to pick amongst Messi and Ronaldo in a typical group, who might you pick?'"

Argentina's daunting struggle to fit the bill for the knockout stage may anyway have been supported by Nigeria's 2-0 prevail upon Iceland on Friday that leaves Group D intriguingly balanced.

A thrashing would have put the Super Eagles out of conflict, however Ahmed Musa struck twice to wind up the primary Nigerian player to score at two World Cups and give his nation simply their second win in 14 recreations at World Cup finals.

That sets up a confrontation amongst Nigeria and Argentina in Saint Petersburg on Tuesday. In the event that Argentina win despite everything they have a shot of completing second behind the officially qualified Croatia and achieving the knockout stage.


In Friday's late amusement, Switzerland dug out from a deficit to beat Serbia 2-1 because of Xherdan Shaqiri's 90th moment long-go jolt to move level with Brazil on four focuses in Group E.

It was a strong triumph for Shaqiri and kindred Swiss goalscorer Granit Xhaka, who alongside colleague Valon Belrami were booed perseveringly by Serbia's fans since they have establishes in Kosovo, a previous territory of Serbia whose statement of autonomy Belgrade declines to perceive.

Both Shaqiri and Xhaka praised their objectives by snaring their thumbs and hands together in a 'twofold bird' festivity, a motion speaking to Kosovo's banner.

"You can perceive what I did, it was simply feeling," he said.

A win in Kaliningrad would have ensured Serbia a place in the knockout stage out of the blue since turning into an autonomous country, paying little mind to their outcome against Brazil in the last gathering amusement.

Aleksandar Mitrovic gave Serbia the ideal begin following five minutes, however the Swiss step by step worked their work once more into the amusement in stormy Kaliningrad.

The Swiss presently confront Costa Rica on Wednesday when an attract would be sufficient to send them into the knockout stage. Serbia confront an all the more overwhelming test against Brazil.


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