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Bayer Leverkusen pave way for departure of £22m Arsenal target

Bayer Leverkusen have apparently cleared a path for the flight of Bernd Leno with the marking of Lukas Hradecky. 

Experienced goalkeeper Hradecky, 28, has marked from Eintracht Frankfurt on a five-year contract with Die Werkself straight from winning the DFB-Pokal Cup.

Hradecky is without a doubt coming to Bayer to be the club's No.1, having missed only a solitary amusement in his three years with Eintracht.

"We're extremely upbeat to have reinforced our group with an extraordinary goalkeeper," Leverkusen wearing executive Rudi Voller told

"Lukas Hradecky is a phenomenal Bundesliga attendant, has worldwide experience and was an outright pioneer in Frankfurt. He exhibited his quality amazingly in the Cup last."

Eintracht 's dazzling 3-1 DFB-Pokal prevail upon Bayern Munich at the end of the week incited Voller to state: "He unquestionably exhibited his characteristics in the container last win."

Leno has been connected with Arsenal and not long ago Bild guaranteed the Gunners had opened up converses with the 26-year-old, who is said to be enthused about a crisp test following seven years with Leverkusen.

Leno has shown up for the club amid that time, acquiring a notoriety for being a specialist punishment plug.

According to the report, the shot-plug has a £22million discharge provision incorporated into his agreement, and this has made him a feasible choice, as well as a reasonable one as well, as the Gunners hope to reinforce their goalkeeping division.

Kicker guarantee that Leno currently has two principle alternatives having rejected the advances of Napoli. Those two choices are said to be Arsenal and Atletico Madrid.

The article additionally asserts that Leno would not have turned down Napoli in the event that he didn't have an arrangement to sign for either Arsenal or Atletico Madrid, while they likewise recommend that Hradecky would not have marked for Bayer without being guaranteed of being the club's No.1.

Leno's operator, Uli Ferber, told Kicker: "Bernd is focusing completely on the national group, nothing else matters, there are a few alternatives for his future, which are tried with no issue, this has not changed today.

"Right now, Bernd is a player from Bayer Leverkusen, and this has been consistent for over seven years. When there is another thing to declare, we will do that."


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